Filipino Chemist - Dr. Julian Banzon

The work of famous Filipino chemist Dr. Julian Banzon is centered on agricultural pursuits. This includes the search and exploration of native Filipino raw materials, and how they can be used as possible renewable sources of fuels and chemicals in society. One of the agricultural products that he has turned his eye onto and studied extensively is the native coconut. Dr. Banzon managed to come up with a scientific process in which coconut oil can be extracted through chemical means, instead of the regular physical ways that are more costly and time-consuming. This was a huge improvement within the industry.
Another field of focus for Dr. Julian Banzon has been the use of natural plants or animal waste products as fuel for machinery or other purposes, as well as how sugarcane can be a natural source of ethyl esters. These can be isolated from the main sugarcane plant, and then be used as a natural substitute for other synthetic types of fuel, or in pharmaceuticals. Through his laboratory work, Dr. Banzon has been able to devise a variety of ways in which this can potentially be useful to society as a form of energy. He has also published reports on the varieties of Philippine vinegars and their uses, extensive studies of coconut oils, and how to use cassava root for fermentation purposes.
Beginning his studies at the University of the Philippines, Dr. Julian Banzon graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 1930. He then went on to receive a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Iowa State University in 1940, making the source for renewable energy one of his main objectives. This is a topic that is still highly relevant today, and he was one of the first scientists to stress that need. The work that he carried out within the Philippines focused on local resources, which has been an approach that modern day scientists are just starting to emulate.
For the work that was carried out throughout his career, Dr. Julian Banzon has been awarded with a high number of various awards. These include the PHILSUGIN Award for research from the Crop Society of the Philippines, awarded in 1976, the Chemist of the Year Award in 1978 from the Professional Regulation Commission, and the Distinguished Service Award in 1980 from the Integrated Chemist of the Philippines, Inc. Dr. Banzon was recognized officially by the government in 1986 when he was made a National Scientist.
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